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Download the Guide to Getting Started with Reading Arizona (PDF) for a printable version of these instructions.

Reading Arizona is available to all Arizonans via geolocation. Patrons accessing Reading Arizona from within the state will be able to see the full collection if they are connected to the Internet.

Reading Arizona is committed to providing access to ebooks and offers multi-user, unlimited checkouts. There are no wait lists, and no due dates. You may download up to 3 ebooks to your offline bookshelf, where you can access your ebooks on your tablet even if you don't have Internet access.

You Choose How You Want to Read

Online in a web browser: There are no limits to the number of books you can read, and you don't have to set up an account if you're in Arizona. However, creating an account will allow you to personalize your reading experience and access the collection while traveling outside the state. Google Chrome is the preferred web browser; we do not recommend Internet Explorer.

Offline on a tablet: You can also read online using your tablet, or download to your device to read later. Devices that support the BiblioBoard library app include: Android, iPad® (iOS versions 8+), Kindle Fire HD®, Nexus tablets®, Android tablets and Nexus® and Galaxy® tablets.

Smartphones: The BiblioBoard app is now available for smartphones. Devices include: iPhone® (iOS versions 8+), Android, Nexus® and Galaxy®

Getting Started | Android | Apple iPad | Kindle Fire HD and HD+ | Troubleshooting




Can I download the BiblioBoard Library app to my device?
To download BiblioBoard Library app onto your tablet you will need access to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon's app store.

Common tablets able to download the BiblioBoard Library app (not a complete list):
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Apple iPad Air
  • Barnes & Noble Nook HD
  • Google Nexus 7
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung Galaxy Note

Common tablets that CANNOT access the BiblioBoard Library app:
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK Glowlight
  • Barnes & Noble NOOKs that are NOT NOOK HD
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindles that are NOT Kindle Fire, Fire HD, or HDX
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Sony VAIO
  • Any phone - even "phablets" like the Phone 6 Plus

If you are unable to download the BiblioBoard Library app, you may still be able to access Reading Arizona through your tablet's web browser. Visit to get started.

I want to log into a different BiblioBoard module, not Reading Arizona.
On your desktop: Click the ‘login' button in the top right corner. When you enter your login information for your other BiblioBoard account, you will be taken to that module.

On your tablet: Log out of BiblioBoard by clicking the arrow button on the top right of the toolbar. When you enter your login information for your other BiblioBoard account, you will be taken to that module.

The application isn't working how it usually does.
Common problems:
  • Poor Internet connection
  • The app has not been updated recently
    • Check to see if there is an update available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    • Log out then log back in

On a Desktop or Laptop

The website is not loading properly.
Google Chrome is the recommended web browser for viewing and its ebooks. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended for an optimal reading experience.

I cannot download ebooks to my offline shelf.
Ebooks can only be downloaded onto tablet devices. Select which ebooks you'd like to have offline when browsing on your tablet. When you are logged into your account, favorites, bookmarks, and last page read are saved between web browsers and tablets.


On My Kindle Fire HD or HD+

I am unable to download the BiblioBoard Library app.
See the Kindle section for instructions on how to change your settings to allow for third-party app downloads.


On My Smartphone

I am unable to download the BiblioBoard Library app.
BiblioBoard Library is currently available only on tablets. You may still view it within your phone's web browser; however, this is not the recommended experience.

I am trying to read Reading Arizona on my smartphone browser. When I go to the website, it asks me to login.
Some phones have IP addresses that are not registered in Arizona, which blocks the geo-located login. You can either:
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network and try loading the page again
  • Login to your account if you have one.

Encountering technical difficulties not addressed on this page?
Let us know here.